About jacqlyn

Jacqlyn Company
Was created in April 2017 and in a very short period of time managed to start its collection successfully. Today, the companycontinues with its new and amazing creations. The designs are elegant and they add character to every swimsuit.

We specialize in the creation of unique designer clothes for the needs of the modern woman, who always wants to be elegant and comfortable.
We invest in the design of handmade creations and in the uniqueness of the designs, emphasizing on detail and the unparalleled quality of materials and fabrics.

The Name - Slogan
The name and slogan of the company stem from the diminutive of first lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis and they are inspired by the finesse she emerges.

Materials & Design
The collections are decorated with lace, tulle, muslin, transparent fabric and satin, being influenced by medieval princesses, royal luxury and romanticism which aim at luxury and haute couture.

The Mission
Is to maintain mutual trust in relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, but also to upgrade and provide high services.

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