Personal data

Jacqlyn is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Providing some personal data is prerequisite of accessing some of the features of the website; we may ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website. When placing an order, you will be asked for personal data, which may include, but not be exclusive of, your full name, address, and contact information. We ask you for your phone number/e-mail so as to be able offer you better customer service and be able to contact you if necessary.

The personal information of our customers is used solely for order fulfilment, personalized services, and exporting statistics. Jacqlyn will not publish, sell, exchange or reveal you personal data. You personal data can only be published when it is required by a state authority, court, etc. and will only be done so within keeping the expected law procedure. Jacqlyn works accordingly with the Greek and Community law to keep your personal data safe.


It is possible that some information, known as cookies, will be stored on the user’s computer upon visiting Cookies are stored on the hard disk of the user and contain specific information related to the user’s visit and use of the website. Cookies preserve preferences such as the language choice, user’s name, and other similar information that would otherwise need to be resubmitted each time.

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